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About South Seas Tees - Tribal T Shirts

South Seas Graphic T-shirt Shop:

South Seas Tees is a T-shirt brand of an E-commerce website JennifersFair.com , offering limited edition T-shirts & Tribal Tees. South Seas Tees ships worldwide.


South Seas Tees is a worldwide E-commerce company specializing in tribal themed apparel. They offer designs on Gildan and other Brand unisex, men's, ladies' and kids’ T-shirts and sweatshirts. South Seas Tees features designs, some emanating from the ancient cult of Voodoo, which actually seems to work, but only work when you believe in it.  You will find sea turtles, whales and all of the subjects the ancient artists had in their lives to draw; originally on “Tapa cloth” which is a pounded local tree bark from which they made their clothes.  So, even a thousand or maybe two thousand years ago they had the first printed T-shirts.

South Seas Tees also features T-shirt designs that originated from hand drawn Tattoo designs; an art kept alive over the centuries by native families immersed in the craft.   

Thank you (vinaka, in Fijian)

South Seas Tees